Monday, November 23, 2009

Blog #9

This past week I have been working with my partner to create our final technology project. I feel confident that the project is coming along rather nicely. I am also gaining greater confidence with using various technologies that I have been working with this semester, and believe that it will become even easier with more practice. My class partner and I have communicated well regarding what we want to create, and have been able to share our work through various technologies such as e-mail and wikispace. Overall, I have enjoyed creating this project because I definitely will use it in the coming weeks prior to the school's Christmas break.

During this week, I have contributed a great deal to this project. Since I am the teacher that this project is being created for, I have been able to provide guidance about the finished product. I have created the lesson plan for which all of the other technologies will be utilized for this project. I have also created the template for the Jeopardy review game. I have also created the section containing the punnett square problems. I will also be creating the assessment for the lesson plan that is with this assignment.

Since I have been working extensively with PowerPoint, I have become quite efficient at creating slides with diverse animations, as well as including various sounds and transitions. When this project is complete, I am quite confident that I will be capable of creating some really nice presentations useful for my classroom. This course has been very beneficial for learning new technologies that I can use in the classroom. I have already taught my students about wikispaces for a project they are working on so that they can have a working copy in one location for each student to use. So, I feel that the course has been helpful in many ways, and would recommend it to other teachers.

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