Monday, August 24, 2009

Blog Journal # 0

I have been working with various types of technology such as PowerPoint presentations, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel (limited usage), United Streaming videos for science class, Microsoft Movie Maker, and often use my overhead LCD projector. I have also used Texas Instrument calculators (TI-83) with various types of Vernier probes, which my students have a great time using. However, I have had no experience writing any blogs, nor have I had experience creating HTMLs, but I am looking forward to learning about how to use these technology resources within my classroom.

I hope to learn new technology applications that I can bring into my classroom to allow my students additional options for learning. I envision incorporating the use of blogs to allow my students to work on science homework, as well as different science projects. I believe technology is something that needs to be in the classroom to engage the students in their own learning, and is an alternative resource for teachers to help stimulate student motivation within the science classroom. I feel that this course will equip me with the opportunity to engage my students with new ways of disseminating knowledge about scientific concepts.

I realize that I am a kinesthetic learner. I work best when I can actually do the task as I am learning. I am confident in how I learn best and in what modality best suits my learning style. I was surprised by one aspect of the learning styles survey, which determined that I do not look at the big picture first when deciding how to approach a problem. I typically think that I do, so I will refer to an old musical lyrics from the 90's which is "Things that make you go....hmmmmm."

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